Wedding Marquee Bunting

The wedding season is getting into full swing and we were delighted to get these photos of our bunting at a recent wedding a few weeks ago.  The wedding reception was held in a marquee and as you can see, it was beautifully decorated.

The bespoke bunting in this marquee was our pick your colours two ply fabric bunting.  There were two different sets of 3 colour bunting made up in custom lengths to fit the venue requirements.

The pennant size was also made extra long to order with the flags being approx. 1 foot long (30 cm) which gives a very pleasing effect.

The 2 ply fabric bunting  has pennants which have two thicknesses of fabric sewn together, the flags are then turned inside out and ironed.  Although making this bunting takes over twice the material and about three times the work to make compared to the equivalent 1 ply bunting, it has the advantage of having a more solid colour, as light doesn't travel through the pennant as much as the 1 ply bunting. There is also the advantage that the 2 ply pennants have more weight and therefore the bunting tends to hang better, especially important if it is hung outdoors.

We are looking forward to all the custom orders the summer will bring.

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